Meet NJEA staff, leaders, and active members working with you and for you

Take a casual stroll down Main Street NJEA and meet with staff from every division of NJEA, members from many NJEA Committees, and visit the Member Showcase to learn about Hipp Grants.

Learn how to get a Hipp Grant

Twenty-nine years ago, NJEA created the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education to provide opportunities for public school employees to expand their vision of excellence in our classrooms and our schools. Since then, the Hipp Foundation has awarded more than $2.3 million, supporting hundreds of innovative programs. Individual grants range from $500 to $10,000. A number of Hipp Grant recipients will be present along Main Street NJEA in the Communications Division area. Come visit to talk to them about their grants and how they got them.

Visit ESPAN on Main Street NJEA

The goal of ESPAN—the Educational Support Professional Advocacy Network—is to unite, organize, promote and advance educational support professionals (ESPs) to uphold our rights, protect our benefits and elevate our careers. ESPAN is constantly developing new strategies and initiatives to support ESP members regardless of their job categories and worksites. In 2021, ESPAN welcomed like-minded members from all 21 counties to serve as captains. ESPAN continues gain momentum as it seeks to provide a stronger, more dedicated advocacy structure for ESPs throughout New Jersey. Visit us on Main Street NJEA.

Visit the Equity Alliance and Members of Color Network

Six NJEA committees that play key roles in the association’s efforts to create a more just and equitable climate in public education—and in our union—comprise NJEA Equity Alliance Weekend: the Human and Civil Rights Committee, the Minority Leadership and Recruitment Committee, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee, the Urban Education Committee, the Women in Education Committee, and the Exceptional Children Committee. The NJEA Members of Color Network will be present in the Equity Alliance Area. Look for the NJEA Equity Alliance Area at Main Street NJEA.

The NJEA Consortium Area

Join us in this celebration of truth, diversity, inclusion and belonging!  Discover the possibilities of inclusive education at the NJEA Consortium! Proudly supported by a NEA grant, we're on a mission to redefine curriculum with diversity and representation at the forefront. Situated at the top of Main Street, our Consortium space and Consortium Design Team Ambassadors have curated a series of illuminating workshops. Drag Queen Story Hour makes a grand and fabulous return on Thursday and Friday, and we're putting a spotlight on our talented youth with student features. Plus, in collaboration with BookSmiles, NJEA presents the "Banned on the Run" extravaganza, where over 10,000 books—many of which have been challenged —await to be brought home to classroom libraries.