Stroll Digital Boulevard to explore innovative ways to enhance your students’ learning experiences and harness instructional technology tools that will invigorate your school community.

Combining the body and mind in the learning process enhances children's physical, cognitive and sensory development. Experience the numerous possibilities for ActiveFloor’s interactive learning floor—and wall—along with a variety learning games and activities.

AI Playground/PDII Consultants

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Playground at the NJEA Convention will equip educators with the knowledge, confidence and tools to embrace AI as a transformative force in education.

Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey
Visit AMTNJ members as they present math tech tools that you can use in your classroom.

BookWidgets is a comprehensive content creation and evaluation tool. Participate in live demonstrations, seek expert advice during Q&A sessions, and enjoy a hands-on experience with BookWidgets 40 activity types, realtime grading dashboard and learning management system integrations.

Choose Love
Explore the transformative Choose Love principles at this exhibit, which offers insights for educators to implement lifechanging practices that promote wellbeing. Discover this comprehensive Character Social Emotional Development movement, fostering compassionate responses and empowering all ages with essential life skills.

Clearview Robotics
Discover the dynamic world of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics at the Clearview Regional High School exhibit. Engage with robots, interact with push bots\ and meet experienced mentors to explore how FTC fosters 21st-century skills, encouraging project-based learning and collaborative problem-solving.

Disability Rights New Jersey
Explore the world of assistive technology, stopping at several stations for some hands-on time with apps and gadgets for reading, writing, mobility issues and more. Learn how you can borrow these items and more from DRNJ’s Technology Lending Library to try out for free before
you buy.

DJ PaP 360 Photo Booth

Immerse yourself in wonder as Pap Entertainment and Noir Reef Entertainment join forces to bring you a cutting-edge 360-degree photo booth experience exclusively for NJEA members. Capture unforgettable moments from every angle while you dance and experience the energy of the convention with thrilling photography.

Originally inspired by scavenger hunts, Goosechase is an online platform that enables organizations and schools to engage, activate and educate their communities through delightful interactive experiences. Hatched in Canada, Goosechase has been powering hundreds of thousands of global team building, training, fundraising, education, tours and recreational games since 2011.

KidWind is excited to share its new activity guides focused on offshore wind energy. Here, you will explore smallscale wind turbines and generators and discover the opportunities and challenges of these emerging technologies.

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Embark on a self-paced journey to redefine your approach to digital accessibility, gaining the knowledge and resources to create inclusive digital content. Explore stations, meet MCIU’s consultants and other attendees and leave with valuable resources. Digital accessibility is essential to fostering digital inclusivity.

The New Jersey School Boards Association presents the STEAM Tank High School Challenge Showcase. Meet STEAM entrepreneurs as they dazzle the NJEA Convention with their award winning inventions and ideas.

Teq provides the means, the application and the training to ensure students have tools that inspire curiosity, promote critical thinking and encourage growth. Explore Teq’s STEM catalogue, Teq’s iBlocks for project-based learning pathways, and OTIS for Educators, which provides online professional development.


Film and Discussion

The Inventor: The Story of Garrett Morgan

Set in 1916, “The Inventor” explores the business and moral dilemma Garrett Morgan faced after he and his brother Frank used an invention of Garrett’s own making to rescue miners trapped in an underground inferno and were then left out of the story entirely. Immediately following the film, Writer/ Director Philip Musey and Producer Cabral Clements will host a talk-back

Book and Panel Discussion

Saving the Day: Garrett Morgan’s Life-Changing Invention

Saving the Day: Garrett Morgan’s Life-Changing Invention, by Karyn Parsons, is about a boy living in a world of racism and overt discrimination who dreams of making that world a better place through his inventions. He grew up to become a prominent businessman and the inventor of the traffic light, the gas mask and other creations. Union Township history teacher Nicholas Ferroni will host a panel discussion with children’s book authors Karyn Parsons and Emily Hampshire who are passionate about nurturing a love for reading and ensuring that children see themselves in the stories they read.