Sponsorships make Digital Boulevard possible

Kiker Learning is the premier sponsor of Digital Boulevard. NJEA thanks Kiker Learning for its generous support and participation.

NJEA also thanks Code.org, eGlobal Nexus, EverFi and Maker Depot Academy for their support and participation along Digital Boulevard.

You will also find Teachercast in the middle of the action, as well as the NJEA MakerSpace and the Teacher-to-Teacher Learning Area where NJEA members will present demonstrations of classroom tested technology integration activities.

Earbuds available on Digital Boulevard

Along Digital Boulevard, with multiple presentations going on in close proximity— amplified by speakers—it can be hard to hear your presenter.

Instead of amplifiers, selected presentations will be delivered to your earbuds. NJEA will provide personal audio receivers and fresh earbuds—if you don’t already have your own—for you to use during your sessions on Digital Boulevard. You get to keep the earbuds, but you’ll need to return the receiver.

The following areas on Digital Boulevard will use earbuds:

  • Teacher To Teacher Area
  • Google Boot Camp
  • Kiker Learning Theater
  • EverFi Theater
  • Maker Depot Academy Theater
  • Teachercast
  • NJCTL Theather

Professional Development Credit on Digital Boulevard

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