Authors’ Alley is an area at the NJEA Convention that provides pre-service, active and retired NJEA
members a chance to showcase materials they have published that enhance and add value to the teaching profession or can serve as useful educational resources for teachers and parents.

The following author's will be exhibiting at the 2023 NJEA Convention:

Deanna Adams A Mother's Survival: Finding Balance Through the Storms
Nicole Bailey-Williams A Little Pice of Sky; Somebody Help Me Find My Chalk; The Day the Plums Disappeared
Craig Burgess A Fleeting Glimpse of Paradise; Poetic Images of Cancer; Camden County Historical Society Spring 2023 Heritage magazine
Paula Compo-Pratt BooBoo's Story; BooBoo and the Land of Mists and Dreams; BooBoo Meets Tiger Too Tall; BooBoo in the Valley of Secrets; BooBoo and the Dots
Debra Farrand A Pail Tale; King Jack, No Beanstalk
Susan Irland Telepathic Traveler: A to Z Guide Across the Globe
Carol Miccinilli Unfinished People: A Teacher's Tale
Jennifer Pinnella This Is What to Say: Bullying Prevention Curriculum
Ronette Smith-Powell Corey Beats Bullying; Corey Conquers Covid; Corey Shares A Secret; Corey Cares for Nana!; Corey, The Super Scientist; Corey Hates Covid!
Mabel E. Singletary Just Jump; Something to Jump About; A Promise and a Rainbow; Leon Share; Leon Share Workbook; Finding Alan Treadwell; There are 2'Rs in Tomorrow;  Run, Jeremiah, Run!; Coming Across Jordan; The Mustard Seeds Series Book 1