“Bee” part of the Buzz: visit the ESP Pavilion on Main Street and get the latest information that is important to NJEA’s nearly 50,000 members who are educational support professionals. You’ll find information on the passage of new legislation to protect you and your job, the benefits of membership, health and safety issues, and the basics of unionism. Stop by the virtual ESP Pavilion on Main Street NJEA.


NJEA has designed two virtual workshops for its higher education members.

You must enroll in advance for higher education workshops (see page 5). Questions? Call 609-689-9580 or email Jean DiQuinzio at


Six NJEA committees that play key roles in the association’s efforts to create a more just and equitable climate in public education—and in our union—comprise the NJEA Equity Alliance: the Human and Civil Rights Committee, the Minority Leadership and Recruitment Committee, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee, the Urban Education Committee, the Women in Education Committee, and the Exceptional Children Committee. In addition to various workshops presented over the two days, most in the category “Inclusive School Culture” (see pages 12-18), the committees of the Equity Alliance will be present in the Virtual Exhibit Hall. Look for them on Main Street NJEA.


The NJEA Early Career Network (ECN) is a member-driven space that designs events with early career (0-5 years) members in mind, but all ECN events are open to all NJEA members. ECN has expanded to include three regional leadership teams: Team North, Central Connection, and Team South. The events hosted by the Early Career Network combine the best of NJEA advocacy and professional development content with a relaxed, engaging atmosphere that allows us to grow together in our profession. Stop by and see us at the virtual Early Career Network Center on Main Street NJEA.


Preservice (formerly known as Student NJEA) is the NJEA membership category open to students in any New Jersey college or university and all online schools preparing for a career in education. The annual dues are $32. To join online, go to NJEA Preservice is sponsoring several workshops at this year’s convention. See pages 15-17. You’ll also find NJEA Preservice on Main Street NJEA.


The NJEA Patriots Alliance is a community of military retirees, veterans, JROTC instructors, reservists, and New Jersey National Guard within the association. They seek ways to help their schools, their communities, and each other succeed. It’s a place to find resources that can help members coordinate medical benefits with the VA, help answer pension questions, and share bargaining language that recognizes military service. On Thursday, Nov. 5 at 8 a.m., Patriots Alliance members invite you to join them in the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief program. Email Meredith Barnes at to participate.


Many professional organizations, such Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey and the Art Educators of NJ, have a strong presence at the NJEA Convention. About one fourth of the workshops at the convention are sponsored by professional organizations. The October edition of the NJEA Review that you received with the convention program includes a full listing and contact information for nearly all of these groups.