Register for the 2023 NJEA Convention

In-person admission, registration & workshops

How do I register for the in-person convention?

Registering in advance for the NJEA Convention is highly recommended and will speed your entry. To register, go to

You will need:

  • An email address.
  • Your NJEA personal identification number (PIN). You’ll find your PIN on your membership card. Your PIN has six characters in a two letter-two number-two letter combination.

After you register, you will receive a follow-up email with additional information. Note that in-person registrants may also attend virtual sessions. However, you will need your own device—it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or phone, to attend your virtual workshops.

Where do I pick up my badge for the in-person convention?

There will be three locations throughout the convention center to pick up your badge. Pre-registered attendees have a new fast-pass option in the atrium to avoid the lines. Look for the directional signs in the atrium for the registration areas specific to you. If you have not preregistered and/or are bringing a guest, go to the second floor of the convention center to register.

If I didn’t register in advance, can I still come?

Yes. Be sure to bring your membership card with you. Again, registering in advance is strongly recommended to save time upon arrival at the convention center.

I did not receive my membership card. How do I gain admission?

There will be a location available on the second floor for members to verify their membership. Bring photo identification. You can also access an image of your membership card on your phone. Visit After you log in, tap “Menu,” then tap “My NJEA.” (To log in, use your PIN or the email address you have registered with NJEA as your PIN. Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security number unless you’ve changed your password.)

Do I need to register for in-person workshops?

There is no preregistration required to enroll for in-person workshops. Arrive at your preferred workshop as early as possible to ensure your seat. You may wish to select a second-choice workshop if the room for your first choice reaches capacity before your arrival.

Once you have registered, you can add sessions to your calendar using the CVENT events app to plan your convention experience.

Virtual workshops

How do I register for virtual workshops?

Preregistration is required to enroll in virtual workshops and to access the keynote livestreams. The workshops listed on pages 20 to 21 of the Convention Program will be presented in a virtual format. Three of the keynote speakers, Spike Lee, Ani DiFranco, and Danya Ruttenberg, will all be livestreamed for members not attending in person. Visit to register for the virtual NJEA Convention.

To register you’ll need an email address and your PIN as listed on your NJEA membership card. If you do not have your NJEA membership card, see the question above, “I did not receive my membership card. How do I gain admission?” which explains how you can find your card on the NJEA website.

After you register, you will receive a follow-up email to enroll in the workshops you select. It is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or phone, to attend your virtual workshops.

Proof of attendance: in person and virtual

How will I get my certificate of attendance?

In-person attendees will receive a certificate of attendance when they receive their convention badge at the Atlantic City
Convention Center. Virtual attendees must log in to the NJEA Convention on Nov. 9 or Nov. 10. At the end of first day on which you log in, a certificate of attendance will be emailed to you.

How do I get a record of the sessions I’ve attended?

Professional development certificates will be issued electronically after the end of each session. Be sure to have your badge scanned when you enter a session on the third or fourth floors. Your professional development certificates can be found in your online PD Transcript.

What if my district requires me to be at my school on NJEA Convention days rather than at the convention?

New Jersey law provides certain school employees the opportunity to be absent from school without loss of salary or time for the purpose of attending the convention. N.J. Statute 18A:31-2 states, “Whenever any full-time teaching staff member or any secretary or office clerk applies to the board of education for permission to attend the Annual Convention of the New Jersey Education Association, such permission shall be granted for not more than two days in any one year; and they shall receive full salary for days of actual attendance upon filing with the secretary of the board a Certificate of Attendance, signed by the Executive Secretary of the Association.”